Letter to Buhari

      I want to first of all, congratulate you and your party, The All Progressives Congress(APC), for offering such a stiff opposition to the ruling People’s Democratic Party(PDP). For the first time in the history of Nigeria’s democracy, the PDP is not sure of victory at the polls. The APC has finally made Nigerian politics interesting to so many of my countrymen and women, who before this time were not interested in the process of electing who governs them. Today, the PDP are the ones acting like an opposition party with the often baseless and laughable accusations levelled against your party, the APC. One of such frivolous accusations is that your party plans to announce a fake election results, as if your party is incharge of the mechineries of elections. This shows that the ruling party is aware that they are likely to lose and so, they are jittery. I thank you and your party for this.

      However, the Nigerian Presidency is not a tea party, given the fact that our country is faced with myriad challenges. Since President Jonathan has failed woefully in his attempt to fix the challenges, and to some extent, has even created more problems for the country, most of US have decided to give you a chance. You are 73 years old now. That is our fault; we refused to vote for you when you were 60, 64 and 68 years old. But we are ready to correct it now. Like many of my compatriots, I’m confident that come 29th of March, you will be announced as the new President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. For this reason, writing this letter became necessary, because there are so many issue bothering me and other Nigerians. I’ll address few for now, and others will be addressed after your victory. So, #BabaWhenYouGetThere, look into these issues.

      Everyday, as I patrol the city of Uyo, I see mad folks roaming the streets, and in most cases, naked! Baba, you can agree with me that this is a common sight across the country. The attitude of allowing mentally deranged compatriots to roam the streets naked, puts a dent on the virtue of humanity, and it shows how inhumane we have become as a people. Previous governments has failed to curb this menace and it is my hope that your government will finally put an end to it, by building facilities for the insane and physically challenged across the country. By doing this, these folks will be kept safe and properly taken care of. I will also stop worrying about what foreigners have to say, when they see mad people on the streets.

      In the course of your campaigns across the country, you have repeatedly said that you will draw a line on corruption. This sounds good, but a lot of us are not happy with your decision! How do you expect us to move on and let those who have stolen us blind walk freely in this country? How justifying is it, that Otedola wouldn’t go to jail after stealing so much from Nigerians through the subsidy scam? Is it morally justifiable that Abdulrasheed Maina, after stealing police pension money and made many retired officers to undergo hardship, would be allowed to go scot free? What about Stella Oduah, who misappropriated aviation funds and allowed our airports to rot? What about the army chiefs, who embezzled defence money and rendered our soldiers handicap in the fight against Boko Haram? Will you also let President Ebele go free, even when his government can’t tell us what happened to the $20billion oil money and our external reserves? Sir, do you mean to tell us that all these misdeeds doesn’t bother you? I, and many more others, think that drawing a line will not be enough. What we want is outright prosecution of these criminals, and they should be made to return the loots. I think there should be an immediate expansion of Kirikiri and other penitentiaries across the country.

     Football is an industry that can be used to curb the high unemployment rate in our country. Unfortunately, the government has not created a conducive environment for this sport to flurish. Sir, it’s my wish that your administration will finally save the game from the brink of collapse. All state governments must be directed to hand over the ownership of clubs to private individuals and companies. Sponsoring or owning football clubs should be a condition for companies who want to operate in Nigeria. Airtel, MTN, Etisalat, Tecno, Nokia, Dangote, Total oil, etc., should be compelled to sponsor football. I want to also say that we are tired of watching foreign football and now is the time for us to develop our own leagues -for men and women.
      Sir, your government should see it as a national priority to send Femi Fani-Kayode to a psychiatric hospital. We are taught to be our brothers’ keepers, so I think it won’t be a waste of resource to have a brother cured of his madness. I know that some of your wicked APC people won’t want you to do it, but please do it. After all, he was your party member before that ungrateful Ebele made him mad with money, and also don’t forget to get him an apartment in Kirikiri once he’s cured!

      Baba, can you please help to reduce the high bride price young Nigerian men have to pay before taking a wife? I’m asking for a friend who failed to marry a young woman from Akwa Ibom because he was unable to pay the bride price. It’s my friend’s wish that bride price should be reduced and made stable by your government. He said it would make him happy if the amount could be brought down to N50! Atleast, we won’t have to worry about fornication, since everybody can afford to marry.

      Sir, another thing Nigerian youths need is FREE internet datas to access twitter! We are of the opinion that since you are also using twitter, you should understand how much it cost to keep up with the network. Our telecoms operators have exploited our internet addiction to the point that one would be tempted to think that Etisalat’s data bundles are only for Dangote’s children. Giving us free datas will go a long way in helping our hustle. And since a Nigerian youth will rather tweet than comit crime, then it should be one of your policies to give us free datas.

      Lastly, your intervention is needed inorder to curb DStv’s impunity. How could they hike their monthly tariff without carrying out a referendum among the users? Baba, this is a slap on the faces of Nigerians and they should be made to face the repercussion by making sure that we pay N1,500 for the premium package! I say this because I care for my countrymen.
      My english teacher, Mrs. Ekanem, won’t be happy with me, if you ever leak this letter to her. There are no addresses on this letter(mine and yours, since it’s a formal letter), there was no proper salutation, and I’m not sure if there will be a conclusion. But she’ll understand that this is an urgent political letter, and because she often said that a writer has the right to write the way he wants. I would have loved to wish you good luck, but it’s your opponent’s name. So, I wish you success in the elections.

                                                                    Yours sincerely,
                                                                     Chidi O. Arua


About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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