Buhari’s Victory and Awolowo’s Prophesy.

one day, the best in the progressives, the best in the conservatives will come together to rule this nation.”
Chief Obafemi Awolowo

The above statement is that of a prominent Nigerian and one Nigeria’s most influencial political figures of all time, Late Chief Awolowo. The late sage had predicted that the best of the “progressives” and the best of the “conservatives” would come together and rule Nigeria. Today, the prophesy has finally come to pass! Please, allow me to give some explanations.

It all started like a huge joke when the then ACN, ANPP, CPC(best of the progressives) and The newPDP(best of the conservatives) came together to form a merger inorder to challenge the PDP(the core and unrepentant conservatives). The ruling PDP made caricature of the merger by labelling it an “exercise in futility.” An aide of the out-going President even dared that he should be called a “bastard,” should the merger last up to a year! But the key players of the coalition weren’t detered. They kept calm and moved on. They eventually adopted a common name, The All Progressives Congress(APC).

The APC’s primary elections became the biggest test of the progressiveness of the progressives. Five honourable men contested for the party’s Presidential ticket. It was a contest between the charismatic Kwakwanso, the flambouyant Atiku, ascetic Buhari, intellectual Nda-Isaiah and a born orator, Okorocha. At the end of the exercise, Buhari emerged winner and became the flag bearer of the progressives. While the conservatives(PDP) sacrificed internal democracy on the alter of dubious endorsement by making Mr Jonathan the flag bearer without a primary election.

The campaigns kicked-off and both parties were expected to convince the electorates on why they should be voted into power. While the progressives toured the whole country to present their manifestos and also convince Nigerians on why there should be “change,” the conservatives spent the whole time in mudslinging campaign against the progressive flag bearer. While the progressives sold their candidate to the masses, the conservatives spent the whole time talking about the opposition’s candidate inability to obtain a secondary school certificate(which was a lie), thereby, helping to increase his popularity among the people! Of course, all these show of absurdity was badly affecting the popularity of the conservative candidate(plus the failure of his administration).

The fate of the conservatives was finally sealed when it appeared that they didn’t want any improvement in the electoral process, unlike the progressives. The PDP opposed almost every new innovation that the electoral body wanted to introduce. Ranging from the PVCs to the card reader machines. The APC on the other hand were in full support of the new innovations which helped to win more appeals among the people.

On the 28th of March, 2015, Nigerians finally went to the polls to choose between the progrssives and the conservatives. It was a closely contested election. At the end of the whole process, the progressives won and history was made(first time the opposition won). Not only that the opposition won, a prophesy was fulfilled!

I congratulate all my countrymen and women for allowing democracy to thrive in our country. I thank the conservative President for conceding defeat and quelling every possible cause for violence. I hope the PDP goes back and restructures it’s internal democracy so that they can become a credible opposition party -Nigeria needs them to be- inorder to help strenghten our democracy.
Mr. Orubebe brought embarassment to Nigeria before the whole world. He let his integrity, his family and most importantly, he let his country down! I learnt he has apologised but I think he should do it again on national TV. Nigerians would be kind enough to forgive him.
Now that the (Presidential)election is over, I can now focus on, and enjoy the local league. Up Enyimba!


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