‘Kontinu’, Mr. President!

President Jonathan has less than 30 days to the end of his administration. As long as the Nigerian constitution is concerned, he’s still the Commander-in-Chief, and has the constitutional right to effect changes in the country.

In the same vein, his decisions in these last days of his administration are still subject to criticism and scrutiny. We cannot stop questioning his decisions base on the frivolous fact that his administration is almost coming to an end. The President himself recognises this very fact, which explains why he is still making controversial decisions.

For the 6 years Mr. Jonathan has been in the helm of affairs, he has managed to sack some officials of his government, who appeared to know their right from left. It is nauseating to note that most officials who managed to find their way into Jonathan’s sack list were actually those that would have added credibility to his government. One wonders if this was the case of the gods making a man mad inorder to kill him?

We all remember the suspension-cum-sack of the then Governor of the Central bank, Mallam Lamido Sanusi. What was Sanusi’s offence? He alleged that $20billion crude money was missing. Instead of investigating the claim, the President relieved him of his duties. Mallam Sanusi lost his job for actually doing his job! This is only possible in a Nigeria where Mr. Jonathan is President! Like it or not, this contributed to Buhari’s 1.9million votes in Kano(where Sanusi is now the Emir)!

What about the sacking of the former minister of sports, Bolaji Abdullahi? This was a man who knew what it takes to be a sport minister. Under Mr. Abdullahi, the League Management Company(LMC) was incoporated to run the league, after leadership tussle had almost led the collapse of the league. Under Abdullahi, the league secured a N2billion sponsorship deal from glo, and also went ahead to secure an unprecedented $34million TV deal with Supersport!

Abdullahi was later sacked and replaced by a know-nothing sport minister, Tammy Danagogo. It was more shameful to note that Danagogo’s first impact on Nigerian football was to foment leadership struggle in the NFF when he decided to go against the public by backing Chris Giwa to illegally take over as the football body’s President. Though, Mr. Danagogo tried to put on a saint appearance before the public, some of us knew that he was behind it!

Jonathan’s sack list keeps swelling everyday. Recently, Sulaiman Abba was sacked as the Inspector General of Police. Abba was replaced with Solomon Arase(I think he’s a good cop). I don’t have much to say about Abba’s sack but I have heard a few people who says the sack is “illegal,” and this is what Jonathan does best -sack officials illegally as long as they refuse to ‘play ball!’

The latest victim of the Jonathan’s suspension(mostly ends with sacks) spree is the permanent secretary of the foreign affairs ministry. From the little pieces of information available, the suspension was as a result of the Moroccan King phone call scandal, and the “summon” or recalling of the Nigerian envoy from South Africa! What suprises me is that, the permanent secretary was made the scape goat, and not the minister of foreign affairs(Permanent secretaries work under the ministers). This is what Jonathan’s government is known for -suspend or sack the wrong guy while the main culprit walks freely!

Amidst all these suspensions and sack, I, and many Nigerians believe that those that ought to be sacked are still in Jonathan’s administration! When will the President sack Musiliu Obanikoro(who is incharge of foreign affairs as a junior minister)? When will our President deem it fit to sack DSS’ Marilyn Ogar, who is more partisan than a card-carrying member of the PDP(I won’t be suprised if she is)? Can the President tell us why Abba Moro is still on his job despite the fact that he arranged the untimely death of 21 young Nigerians with his fraudulent NIS recruitment?

I may keep mentioning those that should be sacked but unfortunately, they won’t be sacked because the President does not “give a damn!” President Jonathan is bent on sacrificing credibility on the alter of queer partisanship. So, all I can say is, ‘KONTINU,’ Mr. President!

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