Oshiomhole’s Bride, Twitter And Religious Bigotry.

I haven’t written anything for sometime now. This is because I have been too busy sorting out some academic issues which completely diverted my attention from my haven.

However, I have been forced to draft this short piece as a response to the development that have been playing out on the Nigerian Twitter community -dominated by youths.

Twitter was awash with pictures of the wedding of Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, to his new wife, Lara Fortez(now Lara Oshiomhole), who is rumoured to be a citizen of Cape Verde. That the pictures of the wedding circulated the internet is not the contention but the disparaging comments that went along with the pictures are the regrettable issues.

First, I must admit that this event has helped in a little but an important way. Before the wedding, I wouldn’t have successfully convinced anyone, without argument, that the name is actually spelled “Oshiomhole,” and not “Oshiomole.” For sometime, the word “Oshiomhole” trended on Twitter. This is the positive side to the story. So, if you ever want to write the name, don’t omit the last ‘h’ from it.

Back to the disparaging remarks. Nigerians(mostly youths) need a national orientation! How do one explain a situation where Nigerian youths are fast to label someone a “gold digger” because she got married to a much older governor of a state when the person in question has the right and maturity to do whatsoever she likes? Are Nigerian youths this vulgar? For a moment, one would have mistakenly thought that “gold digger” is Lara Oshiomhole’s middle name! If they accuse her of being a gold digger, why don’t the same set of people grab a shovel and let’s see if digging is easy?

In the same vein, a desperate comedian, eager to please his mostly gullible and shallow minded followers, posted a picture of the couple with a stupid message attached to it. He advised girls to hustle, if not, “anything” will “climb” them! The post generated a controversy when his usually gullible followers suddenly became sensible, and lambasted him for what they termed as “improper” post.

Not satisfied with the controversy generated, some group of religious bigots with Northern Nigerian descent took to Twitter to criticise the President – Elect, Muhammadu Buhari, for exchanging handshakes with Mrs Oshiomhole. The reason for this criticism, according to them, is because it is “Islamically wrong” to do so -shake hands with a woman.

I find it extremely nauseating to see misogynistic individuals displaying chauvinism all in the name of religion. I also find it shocking, given the fact that even the Saudi King exchanges handshakes with women! It is suprising to see that some of these lowlives think that they are more vested with Islamic knowledge than the King of Saudi Arabia. Surely, someone is overrating himself.

What I find particularly disturbing is that these ‘pure muslims’ would have been the first set of people to remind Nigerians that they had warned us that Buhari was going to Islamise the country, had the President – Elect made any attempt to resist the handshake! These same people whose lives are cesspits of sin(or haram) are the very ones who take delight in casting aspersions on other people’s faith. I find this level of hypocrisy extremely obnoxious!

Indeed, one can’t help but feel sad that after electing a President, the primary concern of Nigerian youths is his handshake to another man’s wife, and not the myriad challenges before us as a nation. This is the reason why our politicians take us for granted -we worry ourselves with irrelevancies.

This attitude of always wanting to interfare in other people’s private lives must stop. The annoying aspect of it is that, we do this, not because we love the individuals in question, but because we want to appear better than them. We want to prove that we are more religious, and more equiped with moral values than them.

Mrs Oshiomhole is not a child. And as such, she has the right to marry whoever she wants. We have no right to call her names. Mr Buhari is a grown up man(73years), and certainly doesn’t need moral lessons from a shallow minded generation of Nigerian youths! We should debate about how we can move our country forward, not irrelevancies.

*Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Oshiomhole(Pictured).


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