The Sermon.

Mr. Emenike stepped on the pulpit to address the congregation for the first time. He was nervous. He had been going through the outline of the sermon over and over again. Each time, asking the Holy Spirit to guard his utterances.

One thing that keeps amazing him is the fact that he would be telling people not to do what he had been doing for years. If anyone had told him he would become a preacher three years ago, he would have sworn on his father’s grave that it was impossible. He wouldn’t have believed he could abandone his girlfriend, Anna, for someone he had never seen. He didn’t smoke but he often got drunk.

September 29, three years ago is a day he would never forget. On this day, he finally met the person he has never seen. He met Jesus. Now he is a preacher, and it was never his dream to be one. Today is his first day on the pulpit and his message, titled “Flee Fornication and Lust,” would be the first he would preach to these lost sheeps. He had been lost himself, in the past.

He had barely got the sermon started when he spotted the girl on the front row, whose panties were visible through her mini skirt!


About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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