As Mallam Hamza opened the door to his big coop house, he was greeted by an unusual pleasant aroma. For weeks, he had been wondering why his chickens were declining in number.

At a corner, Usman, his farm care-taker, was preparing a delicious chicken pepper soup. Usman sprang up to his feet like a shooting star and, almost instinctively, said ‘Oga, abeg.’

But Mallam maintained his calm. On his face, rested a simple smile. This smile was more sinister than a vicious serpent. He finally laid to rest, his confusion on why Usman has been growing fat lately.

He gently retreated from the coop house, closing the door behind him. Usman couldn’t believe his eyes. Mallam was a silent killer!

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About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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  1. Blackfairy says:

    This one, I like.

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