Title parades are grand celebrations done by clubs around the world whenever a trophy is won. It’s often done in the city in which such clubs are based.
During such events, the trophy won is displayed for occupants -perhaps, fans – of such city to see.

Usually, the players and the trophy move around the city aboard a big van painted with the team’s colour. This is often an opportunity for every fan based in the city to see the trophy from a closer distance.

It is no longer news that Enyimba were handed the Nigerian league trophy in far away Lagos. Though, few thousands of Enyimba fans made the trip to Lagos and some watched on TV as the title was handed to the boys, I’m of the opinion that there is need for a title parade.

The benefits are enormous. It would allow most fans to view the trophy from a close range. Such an experience triggers a passionate sense of belonging.

If the club must establish itself as an institution in Aba, there is need for community based programmes, starting from a title parade.

The minds of kids growing up in Aba should be captured by the club through such moves. They need to be brought closer to the club to avoid losing the supporters base with time.

Indeed, Enyimba is a foremost club in Nigeria, and we must do things that befits our status. Let’s have that title parade. At least, for the sake of the guys who stand by the club and buys tickets on every match day. We might even win the hearts of those who have vowed not to buy match day tickets.

You never can tell what a title parade could mean to the people of Aba. You never can tell.


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I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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