The Enyimba Dream.


If I were or ever  become a coach. Let me start there on account of how most of my friends call me ‘boss.’ If I were a coach, the only club I’d love to coach is Enyimba. If I ever become a coach, the club I want to steer is Enyimba.

Some folks will view this as an opinion of a partisan fan but that is far from the truth. I love excellence, and I love associating myself with anything or everything that defines excellence. Enyimba defines excellence.
One of the things I admire most about the club is that, unlike most Nigerian clubs, Enyimba is built on the principle of discipline. Without discipline, it would be hard for anyone, no matter how talented such individual maybe, to succeed at the club.

Recently, a Zambian friend of mine, on Facebook, asked why Enyimba haven’t signed a particular striker. He pointed out to me that the striker is one of the best in the Nigerian league and this was evidenced on the fact that he(the striker) finished as the top scorer of the just concluded season. It baffled my friend that Enyimba hasn’t deemed it fit to sign the player. I had to explain to him that the player had played at club but thanks to his indiscipline(I think has improved of late), his playing career at the club couldn’t last beyond a season.

Like it or not, Enyimba is the face of Nigerian club football. As soon as you mention the Nigerian league to any foreigner, the first club that come into his/her mind is Enyimba. For players, the club is the one of the surest path to Europe. If you are doubting me, check the club’s history and the number of players we have contributed to European football.

Enyimba offers anyone the opportunity to compete against the best in Africa – as a player or coach – based on the fact that qualifications for continental competitions are almost certain on seasonal basis. Some players would give anything to taste that continental savour.

Playing or working – either as a coach or a backroom staff – at the club offers anyone the chance to work with the best individuals who could help to bring out the best in such persons. I wasn’t surprised that after working as assistant coaches at Enyimba, Paul Aigbogun and Imama Amakpakabo(at some point, was made interim head coach) got the top jobs at Warri Wolves and Enugu Rangers respectively.

Enyimba is the dream team. Dreams are realized here. If you have the right attitude, you will go places from Enyimba. I’m sure many kids out there are nursing the dream of playing for the Aba giants. I did too. Well, I couldn’t play.

To all those who still dream of being one thing or the other at the club, stay true to your dreams.

Tomorrow may be your lucky day.

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