Urimma -By Chimdimma Unodife


I plea you come yet again
Lest on my bed I go insane
In my heart the night lasted for minutes
I guess a lovely insomnia made me sleepless
Here comes yet the day; though date gone by
I wished you would knock: yet you passed by
Then my pillow became wet of tears
And sleep cheated my red eyes.
I disappeared to meet you in saturn:
As the earth is worthless to have you borne

It is night again!!!
Hurry now and come
Ere she opens her door for sun
When night love doth have no home
Urimma, far has time gone against coyness
I would annex my heart for your love
Only attend to my madness
A genuine madness of a loving dove


I would love as long lingers it-
For the ishmelites to believe Christ
A breast I would admire for whole night
Then the whole day, your waist
A bright light would bang, that unruly sun,
on our curtain
To tell us it is down
I then tell him to visit the seas, hospitals and
Where fishes should wake to swim, doctors to
dispense drugs and students for studies
After which to mortuaries,
To awake the sleepers


Give me your emerald breasts;
Where will but revive my rugged poetic hands
Give a touch to my deserted chest,
And rejuvenate my broken heart
Come open your lovely heart
So I build my romantic tent
Then we live and beget fruits,
That will save when no love nature knows.

                       ABOUT THE AUTHOR.

Chimdimma Stanley Unodife is a young Nigerian poet. A lover of nature, and this manifested in his passion for romantic poems.
Unodife, who hails from Udi L.G.A of Enugu State, has writen many poems like: The Lazzy Students(2009), That We May Succeed(2011), The Government Elites(2014), Ibiono Dancer(2015), They Lie(2016), among others.
He currently resides in Uyo and hopes to obtain degrees in literature and government

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About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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2 Responses to Urimma -By Chimdimma Unodife

  1. joygirl says:

    This is indeed interesting


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