Who Will Tell The President?


who will tell the President?
that we are not rodents
that live today
and be killed tomorrow

who will tell the president?
that we are not chaffs
to be blown away with ease
detached from our reality

who will tell the President?
that we are not flames;
today we burn, tomorrow put off
we are but worthless countrymen
for we are not your corrupt men
you care less for us
in our lands, we are not safe;
invaders run amok, unrestricted
they plunder our community
many a people, left homeless
many, fatherless
others, motherless

alas, i know our crime;
we don’t rear cows
we opted to farm on
our own land
we are not nomads;
moving about with impunity
you keep pushing us to the wall
we consider not reprisals
because we are honourable men
but the cow boys lack honour
in their hearts, a cow boy call the shots, after all
dear cow boy President
we are sad
but you say nothing
you fly while we flee
from a preventable nemesis

alas, i know our crime;
we voted you instead of Jona
anybody but Jona, they said
you came but indifferent
who will tell the President?
that one day, we may ditch honour
and bring the reprisal
and throw a country into flames
and make the ROCK uncomfortable
for him to ASO
someone tell the President
that patience is eluding us
anarchy may ensue

sleep on brothers
sleep on sisters
sleep on countrymen
thou hast escaped this queer world
through a painful path
what is thy sin?
thou was a Nigerian!
what is thy sin?
thou was honourable;
working with thy hands
instead of stealing with thy pen
sleep on countrymen
for thou hast escaped this joke
a place where a cow boy ruleth.
sleep on
sleep well

*In tribute to the fallen Enugu brethren, in the hands of Fulani Herdsmen(Terrorists)*

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About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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2 Responses to Who Will Tell The President?

  1. Isong says:

    Nice work, perfect editing.

    Liked by 1 person

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