Fallen In Love


                      image credit: africanwriter

I have fallen in love with you
But it ceases to perturb you
Perhaps, you comprehend not
My mild rot
That My heart seeks
Your feminine devotedness
I fall everyday
I search with dismay
Wondering why forever
You say nothing

At night, your angelic face
Decorates my fairy palace
Coaxed by illusion
Of desirous hallucination
My heart is laden
With tearful burden
I drown in a cesspool
Of my own tears
Bewildered why you never care
To care

Do you ever wonder,
A great pain, I suffer
But to watch you everyday
In another’s hut
You keep him warm
I go cold
I am cold
Orphaned by cupid

If I could summon my manhood
From his queer mousy sojourn
But to tell you
I love you
I need you

Alas, I can’t
Hoping you can
But notice my mousiness
To take it all away
And let me in
I long to be in
I have fallen in love
With you.

Twitter: @ChidiArua


About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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2 Responses to Fallen In Love

  1. You are not coaxed by illusion but you are hooked to love.
    If I were her,I would have fallen in love with you…hihi but am not her.

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