Change. -By A.G. Giwa


May he who is advised, heed.
Although it pains Tortoise, according to him,
“if one heeds the advice I give.”
For it’s only in regret that its full weight is felt.

Haba! Kilode! Mechonu! A mermaid led a crowd to
‘Yeah, no water!’ Not even a drop to drink.
They stooped to dig, he held their hands:
‘Dirty water will harm your souls’
Why lead them to a dry stream?

We counted our chicks, ere the hatching.
We trusted incubator; we hailed our candling.
But the day is dawned we’ve rotten eggs and dying
What finance and energy waste!

We lit a candle then oppose its melting.
Is there any noble foetus in the womb of gun?
We drop the Maker but trust the made.
Let’s think aright and back to God –
The Only One That owns change.


A.G. Giwa is an educationist and educator, with
major in English language. Born June 6, 1976.
Lives in Kaduna with his family of four. Author of
children’s verse play: Mukaila the Disobedient
Child, yet to be published novels, To Hell With
Dad, and The Mistakes of Our Hero.

Today, being June 12, we remember the fallen heroes of the Nigerian struggle. Those who lost their lives in one form of activism or the other.

We remember Chief MKO Abiola, who died on this day while refusing to surrender the people’s mandate.

We also remember a young Engineering student of University of Uyo, Kingsley Udoette, who was killed on June 12, 2013 while standing up for students’ rights.
Since then, no officer has been prosecuted for the murder. We’re still demanding for justice.


About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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