And The Don Had No Child | A Tribute To Don Marshallean


Yesterday, your sun hung above us

It shone with envious brightness

Illuminating our path

As you led the pride to greatness


We took delight

In your envious sagacity

‘There goes the Don’

We often chanted


In the morning of yesterday

You stood tall

In your larger-than-life coat

Of many but special colours


When the day ran past

The sun made haste to set

Ushering in the evening

Don, you were still standing


The night came

With its obnoxious darkness

Taking the place

Of once, a bright day


You, Don, went into your hut

The dark wasn’t your business

But you were its business

Against your wish


‘Go away from me’

We imagine your scream

But all you did;

Farting against thunder


You let the dark swallow you

‘Oh, my children’

Your scream cuts through the thick blank

Never seeing the light at the end


Today, we awake

Without your sun hanging above us

Extinguished by the dark

To shine no more


Sagged heads

Watery eyes

Broken hearts

Killed vibes


If only the Don had a child

To keep his hut warm

To mourn

And continue the legacy


But the Don had no child

So, we mourn


We are all Don’s children


The Don had no child

He left behind, children

Of his intelligence

And selfless tutorials


There is a bit of Don;

In our hearts and heads

Because the Don had no child

And we are his children







About chidi arua

I'm just the guy with love for writing.
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6 Responses to And The Don Had No Child | A Tribute To Don Marshallean

  1. Aitee says:

    He was always so friendly.. there wasn’t a student who hadn’t heard bout Don marshallen..filled wid so much promise..
    maybe his young soul rest in peace

    *from a year one student

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  2. Bona Fide... Isong says:

    ummm, we’ve lost a great teacher.
    Marshallean left so soon, shattering my hopes of attending Marshallean’s Calculus Tutorials…. #weeps and sobs
    A man of the people.
    Oo Mr Death, why take the useful ones and spare the wicked.

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    Nice write!!

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  4. James Naeto says:

    wakeup every mawning hoping to see ma don telling me as usual dont miss class today ooo….buh instead ah end up missing d don himself. .sumtin unthinkable, we ave lost a jewel #long live don marshall cuz kings neva die

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